I used to see posts in team groups about so and so bringing on so many new customers or hitting a new rank and would get jealous. SO jealous, in fact, I’d resent them. Those moments where you should be happy for your team for succeeding and hitting their goals, I wasn’t. All because I wasn’t seeing that same success. I was jealous. But why? Shouldn’t we be happy for others’ successes regardless?

Yes. Yes we should. So where does this bitterness come from? I can tell you from obviously personal experience.. It comes from lack of belief in ourselves and comparing ourselves to others like fierce competition.


No matter what and where, I’ve always had this bad habit of comparing myself to others. Parenting, lifestyle, career choice, progress in life… anything. After a lot of reflecting on this, I’ve learned that for ME, it has to do with the desire to receive praise from others. If I’m doing something and not being cheered on in some way, it feels like I’m doing it for nothing or if others are seeing more progress than I am, I must be doing something wrong or working too slow… and this is where it gets to be problematic.  Nobody should be working toward something just for praise or to prove who’s better; there has got to be a bigger reason, a bigger motivation… otherwise you lose yourself and become a people pleaser.   If you’re not focused on a solid WHY, something that keeps you going no matter how tough things get, you won’t be properly motivated.  It’s okay to want others to be proud of you, but don’t make their pride and praise your end and ultimate goal.

When we get into a home based business, it’s because we have desires to fulfill that don’t seem to be met with a traditional job outside of the home. No matter what our reasons, we need to keep them in mind, written down somewhere to be easily seen and frequently referenced. It’s not about who gets there, first.

We all have our own journey, our own path, our own destiny. What one person is meant to do, another may not be. What one person does to grow their business, another may not. We each have a unique passion and purpose planted within our hearts and comparing our progress to that of somebody else is just completely useless. The way we do things may be different.


Don’t let yourself fall into the trap of believing that anybody is better than you at what you do, or vice versa.  Each person’s strengths and weaknesses are individual to THEM, as are goals.

To avoid comparing yourself to others in life and in business, remember that no two journeys are alike. Set your goals and take daily action steps that move you closer to those goals.  Focus on what YOU can do to move yourself forward each and every day.  Worry not about how others are doing, but rather focus on doing better than you did the day before because in the end, that’s all that matters in YOUR business; WHAT YOU DO.

When Comparisons Really Hurt You

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