I know of a lot of people in Direct Sales and/or MLM that like to participate in 2 or more companies. Usually it’s because they’re promoting one and want a discount on the other, but sometimes people think it’s a smart idea to promote 2 or more for whatever reason.

Then there are those certain people who seem to be promoting different business opportunities every week.  I’m not sure if they think they’re coming off as super successful people with multiple streams of income or what, but this is what we’re going to dive into today.

The power of FOCUS.

If you break the word down into an acronym, you could say that FOCUS stands for:


I get the importance of having multiple streams of income.  I do.  It’s critical to not have all your eggs in one basket because you never know what’s going to happen with these companies on a day to day basis.  BUT, it’s also critical to not spread yourself so thin across 2 or more businesses that you rob yourself of great success with one.
Think about it like this.  If you put 3 leaves in a row on the pavement, grab your magnifying glass and position it so the sunlight starts to burn the leaves, you can either focus on burning one at a time and achieve your goal faster, or you can move the magnifying glass over each leaf for a couple of seconds, gradually burning them but taking longer to do so.

Here’s a personal story for you.  Last Friday morning after dropping my son off to school, I returned home and thought about how I should use this free time.  Should I post some listings? Listen to a company training? Do some cleaning? Read a book? I decided to explore DaniJohnson.com for a blog post or recorded radio show that I might resonate with (which isn’t hard because Dani is almost always on the money).  So I sat down,  pressed play, and started to do what I normally do; listen to her in the background while I’m doing something else.

Not today.  Something told me to FOCUS on just her voice.  Listen to the words she’s speaking.  So I did.  I found myself opening up a Word document to take notes and critically thinking about what she was saying.  Within half an hour, my page was full and I was still typing away between drying my eyes and blowing my nose because this message had hit home.  A river of tears were flowing from my eyes.  The timing of this message was impeccable and I KNOW that if I had NOT focused on Dani’s voice that day, I would NOT have learned such important lessons.  I grew in a huge way that day, making realizations and connecting the dots.  Answers to prayers were found, heard, written down and taken to heart to be implemented in my life.  These implementations may very well CHANGE my life!

None of this would have happened had I chosen NOT to FOCUS on this task.  I could have easily just listened to it in the background and I would have literally robbed myself of an amazing message that affects most areas of my life.
The same can be said if you choose to limit your focus and work on multiple businesses simultaneously.  By spreading your attention like this, you rob yourself of potential breakthroughs, growth, understanding and success.  You set yourself up for burnout.
Would you rather make a couple hundred dollars with each of your companies, or potentially thousands with ONE? It’s a personal choice that only you can make, but one that shouldn’t be taken lightly.  You have to ask yourself what your goals are and how they can be achieved this way.  What if you gain momentum in one company and have to stop and tend to the other, or let the other one suffer while you build on that momentum? Just a couple things to think about.
I know we touched on multiple streams of income in here, but that’s a topic for another day because the FOCUS of today’s post is simply about FOCUS.
One last thing I’ll leave you with which is a quote from the Dani Johnson show I spoke about.
“If you’re not “all in” with what you’re asking God for, then he is not “all in” with giving it to you.”
The Power of Focus

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