Last week I saw an blog post about how this person thought of home based businesses as pyramid schemes and all that jazz, until she learned from a good friend that it’s meaningful income to those who participate. And then I see a post that makes fun of the way people in Network Marketing use Social Media to share their business, and my heart broke.
Today is Monday… and I remember all too well how much I personally hated Mondays when I worked at the office. I had to scramble DAILY to find someone to watch Dylan. We relied on family and friends, I got denied childcare assistance (so I could work full-time), and then I had no choice but to cut my hours & work in the a.m..
Can I tell you how much that SUCKED? This family sacrificed sleep and quality time together on weekends, meanwhile, I worked in a toxic environment of chronic complainers, was trained to lie, & often times took on a heavy workload during peak times while the higher ups kicked back and relaxed in the GM’s office having a grand ol’ time.  Then, one day in September of 2013, I got rear ended on the highway on my way home from work.  I’ll save you the sob story on that but I will say that I learned the true colors of my co-workers and “leadership,” and was forced to find something to make money between various therapy appointments.  This is where Network Marketing came to my rescue.
To the people of the world who have nothing nice to say about our business——>  Give it a break already. You don’t like what we do? Cool! That’s fine. A simple “no thank you” works if we reach out to you. No, seriously… don’t be rude and ignore us. Don’t be scared to say no because you don’t want to hurt our feelings. Not everybody knows what’s professional vs amateur with building this business. Anybody can join but not everybody will take the time to train properly.  Give the person some credit for trying something and getting out of their comfort zone to provide for their family, and be happy they thought of YOU.  (Side note, to all my WAHM buddies, do yourself -and our profession’s reputation- and get trained.) 
No, this isn’t a bash against people who dislike MLM’s. This is just me saying yeah, I know we can be annoying, but please for the love of trying to do better in this life, have a freaking heart, be kind, & just be honest.  I’m always seeing posts about “stop the mommy wars and start supporting each other!” but yet…. where’s the support for moms who run a home business?On the flip side, WAHM’s that teach their party hosts to add people to a group without their permission, STOP IT. It’s annoying, ineffective, and very dishonoring of other peoples’ time because you can’t be bothered to make each reach out personal.  Take your business seriously and set your hostesses up for success.

We’re just moms trying to do better.  Some of us are sick of the corporate world, many can’t afford the childcare, and most just want to pave the way for more family freedom.  
Sick of Seeing Moms Build Business on Social Media

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