It’s Sunday night and I’m exhausted after a long and busy weekend but I just heard a quote I really needed to hear. 

Deal with the pain of change NOW or the pain of regret later.

Why on earth do I mention that? Because Sunday night is a notoriously miserable night for so many people who are dreading the thought of going to work tomorrow, wondering where their life is going, and already counting down the minutes to the next weekend.

WHY? What kind of life is that? People are stuck on the hamster wheel of life and fear that if they change anything about it, everything will be thrown off.  They are in their “comfort zone” which, I recently decided ISN’T a comfort zone at all if you think about it.  They want something different but they DO nothing different to initiate change.

I won’t argue that change can be scary because it can.  We fear the unknown.  Changing routine takes getting used to.  Habits aren’t easy to change but regret is worse.  What if’s are haunting.

I want to keep this short and sweet so I’ll say this and then I have to go get my son to bed.

If you want something different out of life, you have to DO something different with your time.  Watching t.v. doesn’t change your situation.  It doesn’t give you a raise, it doesn’t lower your bills (it actually RAISES them…. hello electric and cable), it doesn’t learn you a new skill set or increase one you’ve already got.  Yet most people head straight to that couch and chill watching t.v. when they’re done with work.  This is where change comes in and you have to decide what is a better use of your time; watching t.v. or doing something that could push you forward with your goals.

Tomorrow is not guaranteed.  “I’ll do it tomorrow” is a phrase that needs to disappear out of mouths and die a quick death.  DO something NOW that is different than your usual routine and will make a difference in your tomorrow.  Even the smallest change can lead to something great.  Will you choose to deal with the pain of change now or the pain of regret later?

Pain vs Regret

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