This probably won’t be a very popular post but the point of this blog is to promote personal transparency and pass lessons I’ve learned from this profession, on to you.

The world of MLM – otherwise known as Network Marketing – is truly amazing.  It can be leveraged in a huge way and with the right skills and consistent action, you can become extremely wealthy.  But notice I said …with the right skills and consistent action.  I cannot stress those words enough.

When I first got started in MLM, man was I ever excited! Stories about people firing their bosses and spending their time doing whatever the heck they wanted and considering themselves “overpaid socializers” sounded like a freaking dream.  Hey, I love meeting new people, shopping and making money.  It seemed like the perfect gig because it combined all three.  Sounds so much better than sitting all day in an office, slaving away for a boss that doesn’t appreciate you and getting paid by the hour at half the cost of a pizza.

The thing is…. and maybe I just never found the right traditional MLM to promote…
I HATED the expensive start up costs.  Yeah, I know…. there’s the argument that “$500-$1,000 is still SO MUCH CHEAPER than the tens or hundreds of thousands you’d have to invest to start a traditional brick and mortar.  Hey, if the company and products are something you REALLY care about and can get behind 100%, and you want change badly enough, it’s a small investment to start yourself on a road to success.  But just understand, that’s just the investment needed to get started in your company.  It doesn’t touch the training you’ll need to work the business properly and effectively.  What you typically get for this price is a kit of products to get started on and share with others right away, probably a CD that shows you how to duplicate your company’s system and maybe a car decal or something.

Expensive Auto-ships   Again, I understand these are usually much lower than typical over-head costs of traditional businesses.  But here’s my issue.  If you’re going to pay roughly $100-$200 or more on monthly auto-ships (just to stay active and get paid), what you’re getting should be something you’re going to use anyway, and prices should be competitive enough so that people WANT to be your customer and use the products.

Recruiting Requirements & Rank Advancements  These are great if you’re driven by competition, building a team and busting your back to make sure they succeed.  Most companies require that you recruit a couple of people before you can hit even the first rank.  This can be tough, if not brutal, on some people.  Recruiting requires you to have great people skills, LOVE the phone, LOVE what you’re doing and become a leader.  It gives you the ability to truly leverage your company’s compensation plan but for the tiny commissions you make compared to the amount of work necessary, this can turn into a recipe for burn out VERY quickly.

Build That List! Personally, I just couldn’t stand the thought of calling up the people that know me, and attempting to sell them on something even I wasn’t totally sure about.

Too Much Hype  I think this is self-explanatory.  Hype is in-genuine, over exaggerated excitement that doesn’t last long.  It’s like a sugar high that needs constant fulfillment.

These are the basic reasons that I gave up hope on building a successful traditional MLM business.  I don’t share this to bash the profession, but rather to share my experiences and any lessons learned.  My last MLM experience was enough to make me want to give up hope on ever being able to work at home at all, until I found what I do now.

If you’re someone who does NOT want to give up, please go check out my Trusted Resources page for a list of things that I WISH I had in the beginning, that I WISH someone had shared with me from the get go.  They are must haves for anybody who is serious about building in MLM.

MLM : Why I Gave Up

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