DS Domination – What You Need To Know Before Joining

Welcome to the DS Domination Information page where you’ll find everything you need to know to decide if joining this business is right for you.  DS Domination is a training platform that shows you how to sell on eBay successfully, utilizing a business model known as drop shipping.  Users are able to leverage billion dollar companies to sell products online without needing to purchase and hold inventory, put up a lot of start up capital, or make frequent shipping trips.


DS Domination – Is it right for you? There are some things you should consider before getting started.  First, are you entrepreneur or employee minded? Since this is a business, albeit an inexpensive one to start, it’s a business. Therefore, it takes time, patience, hard work and consistency to build.  It’s NOT get rich quick.  If you’re not a self-starter and you don’t believe in “it takes money to make money,” then DS Domination probably is not for you.  Customers who are making decent incomes are taking consistent action in their businesses on a daily basis.  That means they are posting new items for sale on ebay every day.

DS Domination – From Newbie To E-commerce Professional

There are five (5) different levels of selling online that this training teaches, starting out with DS Domination Pro, which sets the foundation for them all.  This level shows you the following:
1. How to open an ebay account.
2. How to find items to sell for profit on ebay.
3. How to optimize your listings and get the most views possible.
4. How to fulfill your orders and provide excellent customer service.

DS Domination – Advanced Training

The other levels of DS Domination include training on how to sell on Google Shopping, how to dropship on Amazon, and the most profitable of them all, how to source and even BRAND your own items for FBA (Fulfillment By Amazon).  These additional levels are ideal for those who have mastered eBay or have more money to invest upfront, and are ready for advanced level e-commerce training.

I don’t know about you… what you’ve done before and whether you’ve been successful or not, but as somebody who spent 5 years spinning my wheels in other businesses, DS Domination was a breath of fresh air.  My first item sold in the first week of listing, I broke even my first month and have gone on to become a Powerseller.  This is truly the easiest thing I’ve ever done.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What does it cost to start?
A. Pro, which is the basic level, is $20 per month.

Q. Why is there a monthly cost?
A. No business is free.  The training provided even at the $20 level is worth much more and is a results of years of eBay selling experience.  Plus, you get bi-weekly training that is recorded and an archive of prior training.

Q. Are there any other costs associated with this program?
A. Aside from your membership, you will be responsible for eBay and PayPal fees incurred with each sale, but we show you how to work those into your product prices.  One additional thing you need to know is that PayPal has a holding period when you’re brand new to selling on eBay.  It happens to ALL NEW SELLERS.  As part of buyer protection, they will hold your funds from each sale until products are confirmed delivered to the customer.  This happens for a 90 day period starting the date of your first sale until you reach 25 transactions and $250 in sales.

I always recommend that people stick with selling cheap items that are within their budget, sell things you have around your house, get creative! Once you get through this hold time and have proven to be a legitimate and honest seller, you’ll receive instant payments and be home free 🙂

Q. How often do you get paid?
A. Anytime you make a sale.

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Still have questions? Check this video out here.

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