I’m guilty of doing this before I knew better.
I’m sure you are, too.

Sad thing is, I was warned about this in my 2nd MLM company (in fact, it’s why it was against T&C to mention the company name in any marketing) but still ignored it.

Here are some reasons why you should avoid using your company name at all on social media:

  • There is no intrigue, no curiosity. These two things get people thinking and open the door for a private conversation and most importantly, a chance to build the relationship. When you mention a company or product name, you have given the surprise away and given your followers the power to do what I describe in the next bullet point.
  • People will do their own research and there’s a lot of stuff on the internet. Maybe they’ll find a negative review, inaccurate information, or maybe they’ll find someone more successful and join them, instead of you. You want people to connect directly with YOU so you can share your story or someone else’s, and build the relationship. (It’s important enough to be mentioned twice!)
  • Companies go out of business ALL. THE. TIME. If all you do is promote the COMPANY, this doesn’t serve you very well in fact, it basically means you’re starting all over.
  • And another thing…. all of the above apply to using a company logo as a cover photo, default photo, or even the company name in YOUR Facebook name.

You are YOU, NOT your company. People are going to do business with YOU, not your company. Give them a reason to wonder what you’re up to; they will most likely ask, and THAT is your opportunity to get a conversation going.

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4 Reasons To Avoid Using Your Company Name On Social Media

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