If there’s one thing I’ve learned about myself in the past few years that has stuck out to me like a sore thumb, it’s that I make unrealistic goals for myself and then put an enormous amount of pressure on myself to achieve them.  And if I don’t…. I’m a mega-failure.

That’s a destructive mindset and plan.

The new year is simply a new number.  A label.  Nothing “magical” happens to mark the exit of one year and entrance of another.  It’s all simply a mindset.  Hype, really.

I used to be one for New Years Resolutions and oh mylanta did I ever make huge laundry lists of “To Do” for the upcoming year.  Yet within a month or so, the hype disappeared like a poof of dust and I got real with myself.  “That’s way too much.  What the hell were you thinking?”  Yep.  What was I left with? A big ol’ bubble of overwhelm and a black cloud of pressure hanging over my head.

I was thinking about it this morning… I’ve been sitting on the same goal for my business for over a year just feeling completely hopeless because the last couple of years have gone differently than expected.  When this happens, we have to learn how to navigate the waters and be flexible.  Instead of throwing in the towel on this particular goal, I’ve brainstormed ways to make it happen since the original plan has failed.  Unleash creativity!

So there are 2 things I wanted to tell you in this post.

  1. Don’t wait until the New Year to get to work on your goals.  It just gives you time to procrastinate.  Choose today.  Choose tomorrow if you need to shake the past off and breathe for a minute.
  2. Set goals but make them manageable.  I’m all for having dreams so big they scare the hell out of you, but don’t overwhelm yourself into failure.  (Remember, we only fail if we give up.)  And REMEMBER, things don’t necessarily happen the way we hoped or planned they would.  Be flexible.  Get creative.  Where there’s a will, there’s a way.


2017 Is Coming… So WHAT?!

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