Before I hop into this list, let me just say you’ll hear (err, see) me say quite often that people do business with people, not businesses.  Being an entrepreneur is an endeavor that requires people skills, and the better yours are, the more successful you’ll be.  With that said, here is my personal list of  10 ways to ruin your reputation.

How to destroy your reputation

1. Post about absolutely nothing else but your business on your social media sites.
You want to drive people away faster than the speed of light? Inundate your social media profiles and statuses with business posts.

2. Put your profile and cover pictures as your company’s logo and put your company’s name as your middle name.
There’s nothing better than seeing someone insert their company name between their first and last name on social media.  Ok, we get it.  You’re excited and proud to be part of this company.  But you’re repelling what could potentially be a great network.

3. Post in every work at home, home based business, etc. group about your business and how you made a million dollars overnight without doing a thing.
This speaks for itself.  Really, it does.

4. Talk about nothing else but your business and how they NEED your product with your friends and family.
If all you can talk about is your business and you consider shoving your product down peoples’ throats “selling,” oh honey you’ve got some learnin’ to do and hobbies to find!

5. Comment on friends’ posts that are relative to your product and tell them that they NEED your product to feel better.

6. Add your entire friends list to your Online Social Media party so they get inundated with posts about your products.
This is one of the most annoying things you can do.  Does it really take so much time and effort to PM people and ask them permission?

7. Re-add the people that left your online party after you didn’t ask them to be part of it in the first place.

8. SPAM a bunch of random people with your business pitch.
Old, old, old.  Learn how to build relationships.

9. Claim to be a guru about something you know nothing about, in hopes of people being impressed and joining you.
Nothing can destroy your reputation FASTER.  Be yourself.  Be transparent.  Be HONEST.  Learn, implement, and share what you learn!

10. Tag a bunch of people in a social media post that has to do with your business.

10 Ways To RUIN Your Reputation

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